Single Phase Smart Electricity
Meter (PCR421)
The PCR421 is a powerful single-phase smart electricity meter combining advanced metering technology, two-way AMI communications, and internal relay unit. The meter is fully compliant with IEC, ISO, STS, SABS, and DLMS. The meter supports energy, power, voltage, current, frequency, power factor, and other load profile measurements. It is a fully tamper-proof meter, and includes an internal relay of 120 Amps for remote disconnection via PSGI’s AMI solution.)
Polyphase smart electricity
meter (PCR423)
The PCR423 is a powerful three-phase smart electricity meter offering two-way AMI multi-communications (PLC, GPRS, RF), internal relay unit for remote disconnection, and precise energy measurement (positive and reverse active energy, leading and lagging reactive energy in 4 quadrants, active power, maximum demand, reactive power, RMS voltage & current, power factor and frequency). It also integrates power limitation – disconnecting load when configurable power or frequency thresholds are exceeded.
Concentrator (PCCG340)
The PCCG340 Concentrator (DCU) manages sensor readings using Communication and includes mass memory which holds up to three months of all sensor readings, acting as a smart gateway between the sensors and the data management software (MDM). The Concentrator support multi communication protocols and multiple communication methods (Serial Interface, USB, LAN-TCP/IP, PLC, GPRS and IR). The Concentrator firmware supports remote upgrade and performs manual and automatic tasks, predefined in the central software.
Single Phase Din-rail Split-type
PCD710 is a split-type compact DIN-Rail mounted Class 1 accuracy single phase electricity meter built in 35mm international standard housing made of poly-carbonate flame retardant material. The meter adopts Power Line Carrier (PLC) communication between the meter and keypad. Double circuit measurement and relay are also available on request for reinforced tamper prevention.